Bread Finance Credit Card (Amex co-brand)

I am sure you have seen a mailer or video talking about the Bread Finance Amex co-brand credit card. Bread Finance is the backend of Comenity actually, so they are the same company essentially, we can expect the same approach and overall rule set that we use for Comenity Store cards.

Bread Credit Card Data Points:

  • Pulls Experian
  • Expect to get a mailer around the time you get an Amex product
  • The mailer prequal is very low hit rate, like less than 50% likely of getting the card after accepting the offer
  • Some reports of softpull on the mailer offer, I would say expect a HP
  • If you’re reports are frozen and you get an email notifying you of attempted credit pull, you will most likely be denied.
  • Common credit limits are $4k-$8k
  • Highest limit we have seen is $22,000

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