FNBO Evergreen Rewards Visa Credit Card

I wanted to make a dedicated post to the FNBO Evergreen Rewards Visa credit card because its been insanely popular in through 2021 and 2022 so far, a lot of people are closely tracking its data points. We will update this post as needed but this should give you a great idea of what they like to see and help you make the decision if you should app for it or not.

This card seems to have taken the place of the Ducks Unlimited card which used to be FNBOs more popular card.

Be sure to watch the update video at the bottom of the page, many many users now reporting FNBO cutting limits, so while it seemed like an exciting offer and great card, it has for many turned out to be a really bad experience.

FNBO Evergreen Credit Card Benefits

Card rewards and benefits as of November 1st

  1. 2% Unlimited Cash Back on every purchase
  2. No Rewards Expiration
  3. 0% introductory APR for the first 12 billing cycles
  4. No Annual Fee
  5. No Category Restrictions
  6. Business Edition Only: 10,000 bonus points every anniversary with $10,000 in annual spend

FNBO Evergreen Datapoints

  • They Pull Experian FICO 8 (a small % of people reported multiple HPs if they got 7-10 letter)
  • Inquiry sensitive just like Ducks Unlimited was (4 inq or less)
  • 686 FICO or above (higher the score, better terms)
  • They may ask for POI/W2s if they see a mismatch in your credit profile or need more info. Some get asked for it, many don’t
  • You can get prequalified for FNBO Evergreen here
  • On the business card there is no field for EIN so best to apply as a Sole Proprietor
  • Can take multiple days to get approved (upwards of a few weeks)

Recent Wallet Monkey Users Who Got Approved

  • $6300 with 709 FICO
  • $20k (2 cards) HP on both 656 FICO No POI, Utilization at 2%, 4 inquiry
  • $18,600 @ 18.24% 813 FICO No POI, 2 inquiry
  • $11,600 @25.24%
  • $15k Prequal/qual, 715 HP Ex, No POI Business Card
  • $2k Personal, 630-640
  • $18,600 @ 18.24% 813 HP Ex, No POI
  • $15k prequal/qual @ 18.24%
  • $15k prequal/qual 837 Ex, took 10 days to approve, 4 days in got Eq HP, status bar on website didn’t work till approved, No POI
  • $15k prequal/qual 7-10 day email, got 3 inq on Ex
  • $10k prequal/qual 782
  • $6800 prequal/763
  • $7500 prequal/725

Here are some examples of what the pre-qual will look like if approved

FNBO Evergreen Visa Credit Card Review

FNBO Evergreen Visa 2022 UPDATE!

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3 Responses

  1. I believe fnbo uses fico 9 for decisions not fico 8. I have 2 fnbo cards and they use fico 9 bank card score to my knowledge.

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