Krowdfit Deserve Credit Card

The Krowdfit credit card is backed by Deserve and Celtic bank and offers a cashback rewards credit card based on fitness. So you will get discounts and cash back on all fitness related purchases.

This is a newer fintech that offers fairly easy way to get credit with them.

Krowdfit Credit Card Datapoints:

  • Softpull till you accept offer
  • They will HP Experian after you accept offer
  • Upload photo of drivers license front/back
  • Can take up to a week to approve- wasn’t instant approval for me
  • $500-$25,000 limits
  • 4, 2, 1 card (meaning 4%, 2%, 1%)

Recent Video On Krowdfit Card

Recent Approvals

  • 742 Experian, approved for $7k (lots of new inquiries)
  • 763 Experian, approved for $7k

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