Its Time To Master Credit Funding!

How A Completely Self-Taught Research Nerd Stumbled On The Big Fat Secret To Getting Unlimited Credit Funding On Command.... Even If You Have a Brand New Business With 0 History!

Let me just get this off my chest now!

The Credit Funding System the banks have created In America and worldwide is a scam! 

Its an unfair system that is rigged to reward only those who understand it and master the rules and variables of the game. 

I understand that is a strong statement and you dont’ have to agree with it or like the realities of the hoops and games we have to play in order to appease the banks for them to give us high amounts of credit funding. 

This is how it is, there we said it all out loud so no more excuses because we all know the game isn’t fair….

And that…

All that matters now is learning the rules and variables so you can win. 

You want to win don’t you?

Getting large amounts of credit funding is just like any other game out there- its on us to learn the rules, master it and get unlimited credit funding on command. 

Hey, I am Jameson the Wallet Monkey Guy!

Chances are high you have landed on this page because you are looking for business credit to fund something that you are working on, right?

Things are getting really interesting out there right now, and while there is extreme uncertainty in the banking system itself, which banks will survive and which will collapse this year, that is all the more reason to continue to press on with launching new streams of revenue and get more credit funding.

I am sure you heard that saying before, “banks dont’ want to lend to you when you need it, they lend when you don’t need it” which is true, they can tell when we are showing credit seeking behavior. Its best to always be on the lookout for new tradelines, because we might need those down the road and easier to use something we already have then attempt to go out and get approved.

And with all the uncertainty in the financial system, all the more reason to diversify our holdings and efforts, with both new credit tradelines and our portfolio.

Understanding how to go and get credit funding on demand is such a valuable tool but it gets a bad rap and most people clearly misunderstand and misuse it. Like many things, credit is a tool or a weapon!

I was the poster boy of making every single mistake in the book, this was due to my very little education around credit, so naturally I ran up debt (not even that much) and decided to stop paying my bills (because you know, 20 year old logic) because I was sick of doing it and so I let everything lapse. A few years later after all my accounts were in collections and I was getting debtor calls all day long, I filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and from that moment on I stuck to cash.

When I finally went to start rebuilding my credit, I had a 463 credit score (built back up to 763) and I got scammed by just about every credit repair guru out there on the way. After feeling like I was banging my head against a brick wall getting no where, it was finally time I had to bite the bullet and make the tough call to “do it myself”. And at that moment the journey really began!

Fast forward again a few years, I launched Wallet Monkey with the goal to give no BS credit education to everyone and consolidate as much of the info I could find out there into one place, giving the viewer a compound like effect.

After years of publishing free credit material and talking with hundreds of regular people just like you who want to fix/build their credit, you start to see patterns in all of it and I started putting together a really simple 3 phase framework for getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit while simultaneously simplifying the path to building up business credit.

More on this in a minute…

The issue with the credit space is too many people are in it now trying to sell you on everything from credit repair templates to how to make your own bank statements with ADP that by the time you actually get started, you could easily dump $10,000s into this.

I remember when I was at my lowest point, letters weren’t working and I still had a credit report riddled with derogatory marks, a guy I thought was a friend scammed me for my last $1,000 promising to help remove them.

That is why I created this program, I spend hundreds of hours now collecting all the data, consolidating everything I could find to help you Master the Credit Game.

I have no doubts that once you get through this training and apply it, the pieces will finally click for you and you will get more credit funding then you ever did before, and more consistently too.

See I dont’ really fit into this whole “credit space” because I am over here giving away all the info that these other guys are trying to sell you on.

So in the spirit of doing that again and hopefully helping you walk away from reading this letter a little bit more knowledgeable, let me share with you the simple 3 phase system I created.

When it comes to personal credit people do this all wrong, first off they put all their focus here and continually keep trying to get fresh credit under their name. This is actually not at all what you want to do, instead you want to get just enough personal credit to create what the credit bureaus refer to as a “thick file” and then move your efforts to all business credit- yes even if you don’t have a business and have no idea what you want to do yet.

See, business credit doesn’t report to your personal credit profiles!

Let me say that again….

Business credit does not report to your personal credit profile.

On top of that business credit cards and tradelines offer higher limits then personal credit cards do…. and lastly and this is by far the most important part…

Once we get ourselves moved over onto business credit, we can keep our utilization and usage on the personal side low, therefore always keeping ourselves in position to go get fresh credit funding whenever we want or need it!

But how will you know when you have your personal file built up enough to start building business credit?

Great question, let me tell you exactly where you want to be at on your personal credit:

  • 7-10 tradelines reporting
  • $30-$60k in revolving credit
  • 1-3 installment loans (mortgage, auto loan, student loan, personal loan, loan builder)
  • Utilization below 10%, DTI more importantly low


Since most people do this all wrong and go out putting way too high of balances and usage on their personal credit it then hamstrings them anytime they actually need to go out and get new credit because they are perpetually in the 650s-680s regardless of how old their tradeline accounts are. So they will get more denials and a worse APR.

This is the trap! And I see way too many people still falling for this creating this vicious cycle of being stuck in sub-prime junk offers and not getting the credit lines they need!

That’s the difference in strategy that Master The Credit Game is teaching and what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

Since most people are still rebuilding out of the personal credit trap the easiest and fastest pivot into business credit is to apply using what’s called a Sole Proprietorship. In short this is you applying using your personal SSN and information but designating yourself as a business.

This leads to higher tradelines….

….and this leads to you getting business tradelines that don’t report to your consumer credit profile (aka personal credit)

I know multi-millionaires that have over a half dozen rental properties that still just use Sole Prop credit and never bothered to setup LLCs or what I call “Entity credit”.

On the flip side I know RE investors that have an LLC setup for each property and have thousands of LLCs in over a dozen states.

You could stop here and this would be enough for you to start getting funding for deals or side hustles you want to start up.

If you want to take it a step further and remove liability from yourself and build out even more credit funding then this is where entity credit comes in.

If you thought getting hundreds of thousands of credit under your name but designated as a business was fun, just wait till you figure out that you can register unlimited amounts of LLCs in the US and get upwards of millions of dollars on each of them.

If you start making good money or your portfolio grows beyond I would argue even $100k, you should start to look at setting up LLCs for protection and for tax benefits. I am not a certified CPA of course but there is a lot you can do with shifting around losses and S-corp designation to save throughout the year.

Building out credit on a business is the end game, its what all the big dogs do and have done for their entire lives, which is why a guy like Trump can file bankruptcy what 8 times and still be worth billions. The liability is on the companies, remember that.

Now I know what you’re thinking, does this actually work?

The short answer is yes, but don’t’ take my word for it, let’s go through some examples we published online.

What’s great about this is guys were already executing on parts of this in the community, many of them were already following the Phases above and didn’t even realize it.

Some just needed to dial in a little bit of their strategy and poof its like the money printer was turned on.

Let’s start with me, I landed over $60k in fresh credit on my last app spree.

Me Grabbing Quick $60k

What’s funny is I left $20k on the table from FNBO, about the same from Truist and then even messed up on my chase application for business credit (twice), which means this would’ve been well over $100k app spree.

$70k App Spree

Here is Ghost Reaper a community OG that went out and got over $70k (says $63k but he went on to get over $70k) using these tactics

Or, how about our most recent video showcasing Mfin going from just $2,000 in credit to $70k in 6 months! As of March 2023, he is over $100k in credit now.

Here are some more examples of the principles in the Master The Credit Game Program at work…

That is just a small sampling, we have many more case studies and examples of this entire process being used on our youtube channel which is a growing pool of testimony that this stuff works. 

What makes it even better is we don’t have to get it perfect on each app spree, there are a lot of ways to make this work and on a long enough timeline it won’t matter.

Remember its about learning how to fish and dialing that in.

The game isn’t fair, but their are rules to the system and we just have to figure those out and we can basically print money.

How Long Does It Take?

That is a great question actually and one that I can’t give a down the middle answer too. 

…I can tell you if you have a credit profile with late payments, collections, bankruptcies and other derogatory marks, that will add time because you will need to clean that up – that will slow you down.

…If you have a thin credit profile and no cashflow to move around and manufacture data then- that will slow you down. 

…If you drag your feet and don’t dive into the training, get into the community and ask questions to refine your ideas down- that will slow you down!

Even if this is slower than you want, its still faster than you being out there on your own with 0 help and no community!

Picture this, we fast forward down the road 6-12 months and you’ve paid down all your personal credit, sitting at sub 10% utilization and hitting your next app spree. You got all your notes, you made your plan and now its time to execute on your app spree. In the span of a week you pull the trigger on 3, 4,5 banks- each of them approved for at least $10,000, with the big boy being $32,000 limit. You now have a fresh $50k + in business credit that you can use on your latest renovation, side hustle or to buy a business.

Now that’s a future worth getting clear on!

Let me tell you why I just shared all this with you and why I published similar for free on our youtube channel….

First I know what its like to not have a lot of money to rebuild your credit while also needing credit at the same time so this is yet another attempt to cater to those hungry enough to run out there and give this a shot on their own.


If you want to skip all the weeks and months of wasted time trying to figure this out on your own and be around a community of people who are all training on this, then keep reading because I have a special offer for you.

Over the last 5 months I have been painstakingly building out the entire Master The Credit Game Program, and even though we have created alot of training courses inside that you will get immediate access to, I personally don’t feel like its done yet. I will be continuing to add to this program through at least the end of the year.

Let me breakdown the main topics and courses you will gain access to if you choose to get started….

What You Will Learn...

Personal Credit & Rebuilding Credit

  • How to structure your personal credit profile for high limit credit funding
  • How to build out the “perfect” credit profile fast!
  • Gain access to over 30,000 records of credit card approval and denial data to help you understand the card you are about to apply for
  • Learn the simple process we used to remove 32 inquiries off someone’s credit report in just under 24hrs
  • Instant access to individual profiles filled with credit intel on over 23 banks and credit unions!
  • Learn the lenders that don’t Hard pull your credit profile at all and those that will show you your limit before you get a Hard Inquiry.
  • How to get approved for 14 American Express Cards with only 1 Hard Inquiry!
  • Learn the lenders that aren’t inquiry sensitive so you can stack those at the end of your credit app sprees
  • How to liquidate credit cards and get cash off your cards daily
  • Gain access to bank data sets, profiling dozens of banks in extreme detail, ensuring you have everything you need before you apply
  • Access to every link you need to freeze, dispute and request personal credit reports from all 13 data furnishing companies!
  • Learn the best lenders to use even if you have bad credit
  • How to maximize your travel points and cards to get the most out of your travel experience
  • How to status match and get free upgrades while at the airport
*The above section will be updated throughout the year to ensure its up to date!

Business Credit Funding

  • Breakdown of all 13 business credit reporting agencies and all the credit models that are used
  • Learn the simple 4 step framework that cranks out hundreds of thousands in credit funding on command in detail
  • How to structure your business banking and profile for high limit credit funding
  • Find out which credit cards are ghosted- meaning they don’t report to any credit bureaus at all or just to business and not personal
  • Access the complete list of over 100 banks that all offer 0% APR for at least 12 months or more!
  • Step-by-Step process for setting up your brand new business from scratch and getting some really easy tradelines in the process- 11 pages of training covering just this!
    • Everything from state filing to trademark, to registered agents, its all covered in step-by-step fashion
  • Personal access to money lender that has over 70 vendors and 6 programs they offer for business funding
  • $25k stated income loan, no tax returns, just need a 720+ personal FICO. Sole proprietor friendly!
  • Learn the Trifecta Business Credit Building Strategy that “manufactures” transactional history with the banks, positioning you for the highest possible credit limits
  • Learn all the hacks and tricks to avoiding instant denial on business credit applications
  • Learn how to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in business credit card funding, all with no docs!
  • Instant access to over 80 business legal documents to help you with your day-to-day business operations
  • List of dozens of active grants offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money if you qualify, more importantly a list of where to go in order to find more grants ongoing!
*The above section will be updated throughout the year to ensure its up to date!

Here Is What You Get!

Private Discord Access ($348 Per Year Value)


This is a private discord we have setup and been dropping gems in for over a year now, over 40 channels rich in history on every major bank you could want to apply at and even a lot of obscure banks like Greenstate Credit Union (we were the first ones to cover that CU on our channel). 

Dig through posts, download templates and ask questions to a diverse group of people, all at different points in their credit journey’s. This will prove to be a valuable tool, as I say we are stronger together vs apart. 

Private Membership Access ($1,500 Per Year Value)


After your purchase is complete, you get immediate access to a membership that is closed to the public. Inside you will have access to all 4 core training courses  that will cover everything from rebuilding credit to indepth of the 3 Phase $100k strategy outlined above.

Here is a list of the core courses:

  • Personal Credit- This covers all the sub-prime and prime credit plays we have collected over the last 2 years, broken down in simple to follow bank-by-bank list. This is a data rich list we don’t share with the public.
  • Rebuilding Credit- Complete course on fixing your credit, starting with a deep dive into the scoring models and how to master them, removing inquiries (we have had students remove 32 inquiries in 1-day), removing derogatory marks, adding easy-to-get fresh tradelines and much more. Over 19 lessons in this course!
  • Business Credit- We cover in depth the entire process for setting up a brand new entity, gaining trademark and getting business funding, covering lenders and getting credit on fresh LLCs. 
  • Get $100k In Credit- This course covers the full step-by-step on the prep and execution of the infamous $100k+ credit app sprees. From positioning your personal credit to execution of the app spree day.


Outside of that we have a full quick start and goal mapping training with custom never-released journal ready to download

Access to 80+ Business Legal Documents ($499 Value)

biz template mockup-final

Getting Business credit is just the start, you will need documents for legal pages on your website to help your Google business profile setup, contractor templates for freelance hires, agreements and other legal docs to help you kickstart your latest business venture. 

Understand these were made by an attorney but I cannot guarantee these documents in anyway unfortunately. 

Downloadable High Performers Journal ($99 Value)

journal mockup

Years ago I created a goal mapping Worksheet (its huge) and a matching goal setting journal that was designed for high performers looking to squeeze more out of their year!

Look I know ‘goal setting’ isn’t sexy at all, and for years I avoided it like the plague, however I can now proclaim that if I wouldn’t have started using goals and the power of intention, I would be a loser with nothing. There is a reason why every successful person on the planet uses some form of goal setting practice.

Networking Opportunities (Priceless)

We have such a diverse group from single mothers working day jobs still to guys with $30+ million dollar portfolios and everything inbetween.

This opens up huge opportunities to you no matter what “level” you’re playing at, first you get to be around them (rub off effect) and have direct access to all these people who have answers to your questions and struggles you’re facing right now. 

That will allow you to shift and move through these issues at the fastest possible rate vs someone who doesn’t have this sort of access.

In short this group should help you take a quantum leap in your earnings and opportunities this year. 

There will be meetup opportunities coming up as well. 

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”- Jim Rohn

You usually don’t get this kind of group put together unless its a high level mastermind group that usually cost between $3,000-$10,000 per year.

I’ve been willing to pay that kind of money and much more because all it takes is one single idea or strategy for it to pay for itself 10 fold. In this case all it takes is a single app spree to completely change your life!

There Are Some Qualifications Required To Join…

We only want people who take personal responsibility for their decisions and results in the Master The Credit Game Program, which means there’s a few DISCLAIMERS:

Building a business, taking out credit lines and investing always involves risk and the potential loss of capital. We are not financial advisors, we do not give personal investment or financial advice, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. We are simply sharing ideas we believe in, and what we’re investing in personally which could make or lose money.

If you are looking for easy ways to get a bunch of credit cards to you can go max them all out aka easy money, this isn’t the group for you…

If you want a guaranteed return of any kind, this group is not for you.

Lastly if you have a 580 credit score, or bunch of derogatory marks on your profile, you’re gonna have to be more patient and dial in your expectations to better fit your reality on the ground and give yourself time to fix before going out for big credit funding!

Sound good?


Let's Recap What You Get...

━ 1 Year FREE Discord Access ($348 Per Year Value)

━ Membership Access- 4 Core Courses ($1,500 Per Year Value)

━ Access to Over 80 Business Legal Documents ($499 Value)

━ Downloadable High Performers Journal ($99 Value)

━ Networking Opportunities (Priceless)

Since we are giving you 1 years free access to the Private Discord, which is usually $29/month or $348 /year you are literally paying $51 for everything else! 

You Pay A One-time Fee Of Just $397 For Lifetime Access!

Most frequent questions and answers

No, we do not offer refunds of any sort. Given the immediate access to private intellectual property and the amount of one-on-one effort given by our group leaders, we cannot offer a refund of any kind. So please be sure this is the right move for you before you enroll.

I am simply providing information on what has worked for me and others, which might not work for you. 
Everyone’s experience will vary and there is no possible way to promise a result. 
What has worked for me, might not work for you. Everything in this program is my personal views and should be taken as entertainment only! In no way should you take information as financial advice, I recommend you consult with a financial advisor, attorney or CPA about questions or concerns you have.
Either a mindset shift, a change on your credit profile or in your approach- you should have something change immediately if you dive into the training, community and start applying it. 
Everyone will have such a wide range of results in any program because they all apply themselves differently. 
Remember, we are playing the long game, think how different things/you will be in 6 months, 12 months or more. Its gonna take time to change old belief patterns and fix broken credit reports. 
If your credit profile is thick and clean, you should see dramatic credit funding as soon as you start applying the training.

Yes, you get 12 months of free access to our private discord with this program, if you want to continue after that you will have to enroll in paying for the discord.

You get lifetime access to all training in this program and updates!

This is a locked down section on the Wallet Monkey site which will have private training, videos and courses just for you.

This is where we house all the training.

Still have questions? Email us directly at

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