It's Time To Get All The Bank Intel, Datapoints & Training You Need To Get Credit Funding Whenever You Need it!

Doesn't matter if you're a credit newbie or sitting over 800 credit score, we got you covered!

What's Inside Master The Credit Game?


This is a monster course highlighting over 500 banks, credit unions and credit products with all the datapoints you need to know before applying

business credit funding

This is another monster course covering over 70 business credit cards, loans and lines of credit, net 30s, fleet gas cards with all the intel you need before applying

Rebuilding Personal Credit

Understand credit scores and models, remove derogatory marks or establish new tradelines fast- we cover all you need for rebuilding credit

Credit Union Mastery

We have deep dives on 20+ credit unions and basic datapoints on 100s more, covering most credit unions in top 200

Get $100k In Credit Funding

The original 4 step funding play process we created for those just coming out of rebuilding credit and looking to setup solid foundation

$200k & Beyond In Credit Funding

Case studies from those who have gotten upwards of $1M in credit funding and different strategies to go beyond $100k in credit funding

Grants 101

We give you over 30 Grant options and 7 websites to bookmark to catch the dozens of new grants that launch each year to ensure you’re applying right away

Business Documents Bundle

We got all the basics from business operations to taxes to employment, over 50 documents ready to download

Side Hustles 101

Breakdown of the easiest side hustles to start based on your skills and talents and how the fits into your life, there are 3 mini-courses inside this

Bulletproof Portfolio

We give you over 30 Grant options and 7 websites to bookmark to catch the dozens of new grants that launch each year to ensure you’re applying right away

Peak Human performance

We got all the basics from business operations to taxes to employment, over 50 documents ready to download

travel hacking

Breakdown of the easiest side hustles to start based on your skills and talents and how the fits into your life


If you aren't getting results like this, time for a new strategy...

$70k App Spree

From $2,000-$100,000+ In 8 Months

My $60k App Spree

Lazy $50k App Spree

$93,000 Mini-Spree

Over $97,000 Journey!

$53,000 With Mistakes

Over $300,000 App Spree

Went from 585 to 750 & Bought A House!

From $20,000 to $250,000

They have gone on to get another $30k + in tradelines and CLIs

How About A Quick $60k From Truist?

Ready To Master The Credit Game?

P.S. Just imagine how much time you are saving by taking advantage of my OCD gathering all this data over the last 4+ years! Not to mention we update weekly which is a part time job! You will get immediate access as soon as you register.

What You Will Learn...

Personal Credit & Rebuilding Credit

  • How to structure your personal credit profile for high limit credit funding
  • How to build out the “perfect” credit profile fast!
  • Gain access to over 30,000 records of credit card approval and denial data to help you understand the card you are about to apply for
  • Learn the simple process we used to remove 32 inquiries off someone’s credit report in just under 24hrs
  • Instant access to individual profiles filled with credit intel on over 23 banks and credit unions!
  • Learn the lenders that don’t Hard pull your credit profile at all and those that will show you your limit before you get a Hard Inquiry.
  • How to get approved for 14 American Express Cards with only 1 Hard Inquiry!
  • Learn the lenders that aren’t inquiry sensitive so you can stack those at the end of your credit app sprees
  • How to liquidate credit cards and get cash off your cards daily
  • Gain access to bank data sets, profiling dozens of banks in extreme detail, ensuring you have everything you need before you apply
  • Access to every link you need to freeze, dispute and request personal credit reports from all 13 data furnishing companies!
  • Learn the best lenders to use even if you have bad credit
*The above section will be updated throughout the year to ensure its up to date!

Business Credit Funding

  • Breakdown of all 13 business credit reporting agencies and all the credit models that are used
  • Learn the simple 4 step framework that cranks out hundreds of thousands in credit funding on command in detail
  • How to structure your business banking and profile for high limit credit funding
  • Find out which credit cards are ghosted- meaning they don’t report to any credit bureaus at all or just to business and not personal
  • Access the complete list of over 100 banks that all offer 0% APR for at least 12 months or more!
  • Step-by-Step process for setting up your brand new business from scratch and getting some really easy tradelines in the process- 11 pages of training covering just this!
    • Everything from state filing to trademark, to registered agents, its all covered in step-by-step fashion
  • Personal access to money lender that has over 70 vendors and 6 programs they offer for business funding
  • $25k stated income loan, no tax returns, just need a 720+ personal FICO. Sole proprietor friendly!
  • Learn the Trifecta Business Credit Building Strategy that “manufactures” transactional history with the banks, positioning you for the highest possible credit limits
  • Learn all the hacks and tricks to avoiding instant denial on business credit applications
  • Learn how to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in business credit card funding, all with no docs!
  • Instant access to over 80 business legal documents to help you with your day-to-day business operations
  • List of dozens of active grants offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money if you qualify, more importantly a list of where to go in order to find more grants ongoing!
*The above section will be updated throughout the year to ensure its up to date!

Building A Portfolio & Investing

  • Learn the 5 income types and the 3 income categories they all fit into
  • Profile of 7 vehicles you can leverage to diversify your portfolio and help protect your money
  • Learn the 70/30 money structure model to ensure you have enough money to live off of and invest
  • A simple model for determining how much money you need to live off dividends
  • Where you must put your focus if you want to thrive over the next 10 years
  • Full report breaking down the WEFs agenda and where to position yourself
  • An entire course covering survival and building in backup plans for your family
  • Are you always buying the tops and selling bottoms in markets? Learn the underlying cycle that moves all markets so you can position yourself early in the cycle and win big!
  • Data set profiles on 22 of the best traders of all time
  • & Much more

Performing At Your Best

  • Learn the rules, routines and rituals that have stuck with me over the last 12 years of biohacking and spending over $100k on pills, potions and coaches
  • Get my daily nootropics stack that I have taken for 10 years so you too can operate at your peak and enter flow state more often
  • Understand the 3 layers of the brain and how that affects mood, habits and behaviors
  • The morning drink I take everyday to ensure I get the most from my morning routine
  • Learn how to get into flow state, what to look for and the triggers so you can get there more often and stay in flow longer
  • Learn the tricks I used from to go from beat red and can’t say a word in front of groups to presenting and pitching from stage in front of thousands
  • Get my simple goal setting framework and personal action journal downloadable PDF so you too can dominate your day
  • Advanced biohacking tools and techniques I have used over the years and results they delivered
  • My 19 Peak Mindset Principles I have put together over the last decade of seeking to truth and understanding god and myself.
  • A simple process for reprogramming habits and behaviors on the fly
  • The fasting technique I use to burn fat all day long, stay in peak state and allow myself to essentially eat whatever I want.
  • How to take charge of your life and stop living from a place of victimhood and start living from a place of creation and intention.

Travel Rewards & Travel Hacking

  • How to properly pack for a domestic and international flight to maximize space and efficiency
  • Live breakdowns of my previous trips from packing to airport to landing back home to help you integrate and compound the knowledge
  • Best suitcases and travel gear to buy in order to save on weight and make everything easy to find
  • How to maximize your travel points and cards to get the most out of your travel experience
  • How to status match and get free upgrades while at the airport
  • & Much more…

Building Your Personal Brand

  • How to properly craft your hero’s journey story in short & long form for your website but also for cold approach
  • The primary pages and data you need on your website and simple structure to follow to get up and running fast!
  • Building out your irresistible offer
  • Where to host & build your website fast!
  • Deeper lessons and resources on copywriting structure to help you craft words that sell


Here Is What You Get!

Private Membership Access ($5,000 Value)

After your purchase is complete, you get immediate access to a membership that is closed to the public. Inside you will have access to over 16 training courses (we started with just 10, more added each quarter) that will cover everything from personal credit hidden gems to productivity, to mindset training and everything in between. 

Everything that I am creating for this membership is my life’s work, it has taken me years and cost me unseen amounts of money (millions) to learn what I am distilling down into these courses, especially on the personal development and business side. I have personally spent over $100k on coaches, courses, training, pills, potions, journals etc to crack the code on my best self!

As I always say, getting the money is the easy part, transmuting that into a profitable portfolio is the hard part and that is the part that requires approaching almost every thread of your life. 

See deep down there is all kinds of default programs running that are keeping you broke, unhappy and out of touch with the wealth and reality you deeply desire. That is also sadly the part you dont’ hear many talking about, without it you will probably self sabotage and ruin these amazing opportunities you will have with this credit funding. 

Now if that’s not your thing or you dont’ care about that, all good we cover entity structuring for limited liability and limiting tax exposure, along with all the vehicles you can park money into and grow your wealth. 

Big into Real Estate?

Great, we have training for you as well and plenty in the community sitting on multi-million dollar portfolios that built up from scratch, through 2008 till now. 

Want to launch a digital business?

Perfect, I made over $4 Million selling SAAS and training courses when internet marketing first started, there will be a whole training course added Q2 this year. I have used gorilla marketing street tactics learned from years of D2D sales on up to spending $10k+ per month on Facebook ads. 

This training directly crosses over to any side hustle you may be looking to start, its a perspective and means of looking at things from over a decade of experience more than a specific platform. 

I think you will find there isn’t going to be much we dont’ have covered, especially after the end of your first year. 

Here is a list of current courses:

  • Personal Credit- This covers all the sub-prime and prime credit plays we have collected over the last 2 years, broken down in simple to follow bank-by-bank list. This is a data rich list we don’t share with the public.
  • Rebuilding Credit- Complete course on fixing your credit, starting with a deep dive into the scoring models and how to master them, removing inquiries (we have had students remove 32 inquiries in 1-day), removing derogatory marks, adding easy-to-get fresh tradelines and much more. Over 19 lessons in this course!
  • Business Credit- We cover in depth the entire process for setting up a brand new entity, gaining trademark and getting business funding, covering lenders and getting credit on fresh LLCs. 
  • Get $100k In Credit- This course covers the full step-by-step on the prep and execution of the infamous $100k+ credit app sprees. From positioning your personal credit to execution of the app spree day.
  • $200k In Credit Funding & Beyond– This course highlights case studies and different strategies to go beyond $100k in credit funding-think of this as a follow up to $100k in credit course.
  • Bulletproof Portfolio- After you have generated cash flow and multiplied your capital, its time for capital preservation mode and that is what this course covers. This course gets into estate planning, ROTH IRAs, dividends and all the other vehicles you want in a “boring” portfolio. 
  • Investing & Trading 101- Intro course into the best traders & investors of all time, my personal portfolio breakdown & much more
  • Side Hustles- This is broken down into individual courses on side hustles we have already done, from Epoxy garage floors to Real Estate rentals. There are currently 3 sub-courses in here.
  • Build Your Personal Brand- Start to finish course covering how to write your heros journey and launch your personal brand website.
  • Peak Performance- This course covers routines, rituals and rules that have stuck over the last 10+ years seeking max productivity, reading hundreds of books and spending over $100k in seeking my own greatest version. There are 3 sub-courses in here.
  • Travel Hacking- This course covers international travel, packing, airport behavior and travel credit cards/rewards programs
  • Prepardness & Survival- As oddly placed as this course might seem, this should be part of your core family plan and used as a backup measure, similar to a emergency cash fund.
  • Tech Corner- This section covers full computer builds, room tours & setups and cyber security training.

Outside of that we have a full quick start and goal mapping training with custom never-released journal ready to download! 

Future Training Courses ($2,000 Value)

Every month we are adding in more training into the existing courses filling them out based on questions/refinement from the community.

Besides that quarterly we are adding 1-2 courses that you get immediate access to, especially over this first 2 years we are moving as fast as we can to update and consolidate a lifetime of my work and courses into this program. As I have said, I spent a lot of money to get here, so you don’t have to!

When its all said and done, there will be over 20 courses that will help you not only get credit funding but then turn that into actual wealth. 

Networking Opportunities (Priceless)

We have such a diverse group from single mothers working day jobs still to guys with $30+ million dollar portfolios and everything inbetween.

This opens up huge opportunities to you no matter what “level” you’re playing at, first you get to be around them (rub off effect) and have direct access to all these people who have answers to your questions and struggles you’re facing right now. 

That will allow you to shift and move through these issues at the fastest possible rate vs someone who doesn’t have this sort of access.

In short this group should help you take a quantum leap in your earnings and opportunities this year. 

There will be meetup opportunities coming up as well. 

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”- Jim Rohn

You usually don’t get this kind of group put together unless its a high level mastermind group that usually cost between $3,000-$10,000 per year.

I’ve been willing to pay that kind of money and much more because all it takes is one single idea or strategy for it to pay for itself 10 fold. In this case all it takes is a single app spree to completely change your life!

Here Is Everything You Will Get When You Join The Master The Credit Game Program!

━ Private Membership Access -Total of 16 Courses ($5,000 Value)

━ Access to Over 80 Business Legal Documents ($499 Value)

━ Downloadable High Performers Journal ($99 Value)

━ Future Training Courses ($2,000 Value)

━ Networking Opportunities (Priceless)

━ Weekly Course Updates (Priceless)

━ BONUS: 90 days (3 months) of Discord Access FREE

━ BONUS: 15 Minute Non-Fluff Strategy Call With Me

TOTAL VALUE: $8,000+

Checkout Options!

Pay In Full

Pay One-Time $997 (Lifetime Access)

Payment Plan

2 Payments Of $498.50 (Lifetime Access)

P.S. Just imagine how much time you are saving by taking advantage of my OCD gathering all this data over the last 4+ years! Not to mention we update weekly which is a part time job! You will get immediate access as soon as you register.

Most frequent questions and answers

No, we do not offer refunds of any sort. Given the immediate access to private intellectual property and the amount of one-on-one effort given by our group leaders, we cannot offer a refund of any kind. So please be sure this is the right move for you before you enroll.

I am simply providing information on what has worked for me and others, which might not work for you. 
Everyone’s experience will vary and there is no possible way to promise a result. 
What has worked for me, might not work for you. Everything in this program is my personal views and should be taken as entertainment only! In no way should you take information as financial advice, I recommend you consult with a financial advisor, attorney or CPA about questions or concerns you have.
Either a mindset shift, a change on your credit profile or in your approach- you should have something change immediately if you dive into the training, community and start applying it. 
Everyone will have such a wide range of results in any program because they all apply themselves differently. 
Remember, we are playing the long game, think how different things/you will be in 6 months, 12 months or more. Its gonna take time to change old belief patterns and fix broken credit reports. 
If your credit profile is thick and clean, you should see dramatic credit funding as soon as you start applying the training.

Yes, after your trial period of the discord expires you will need to enroll monthly or yearly to continue to get access to that.

You get lifetime access to all training/courses and updates!

This is probably a business write off if you do it right!

This is a locked down section on the Wallet Monkey site which will have private training, videos and courses just for you.

This is where we house all the training.

Yes, in fact I am OCD about making sure the course material is updated the minute we get fresh intel, here is the feed where we post updates, take a look

Still have questions? Email us directly at

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