Wallet Monkey Offers

Find out how you can join the Wallet Monkey club below and get personalized help with any and all of your credit goals!

WM Discord

Join our private community of credit ninjas who spend their days helping others in the server. Our community is diverse in that we have people rebuilding their credit on up to multi-million dollar earners. 

WM Mastermind

Getting the credit funding is the easy part, turning those hundreds of thousands into a successful portfolio is the hard part. Gain access to over 10 training courses, monthly coaching calls, and more!

Get Funded One-on-One

Work with our team One-on-One to help you get up to $150k in credit funding! This is a service for a very specific credit profile. We don’t charge up front for this, we charge based on credit funding we get. To find out more or see if you qualify, click the link below to apply. 

Join The Wallet Monkey Community!

We have rebranded from Its Dumb Money to Wallet Monkey! Same mission, new name!