Business Relationships & Affiliate Links

I figure it would be a relevant page to make now that we are growing in popularity to make a page dedicated to how we handle business partnerships, affiliate links and overall site monetization. First off the intention of this site was to create a site that was different from all the other sites which offer glowing reviews on crap offerings and predatory sub-prime offers or are juiced up with ad blocks everywhere to where it ruins the user experience. I wanted to create a resource based on ACTUAL experience with the venders, banks and institutions we cover.

That all being said, we do have affiliate links on the site and do earn a commission on some of the banks/institutions/offers. That is not the incentive to mention a site or offer at all and in fact we really don’t care if we get booted from an affiliate program for not keeping up with quotas or for not writing glowing reviews and instead just writing our honest thoughts on the program or offer. There are some institutions and offers we will not link off to in anyway and those tend to the be the ones we know to be sub-prime and predatory in nature. No matter how bad you think your score is or how desperate you may get there are some offers you just shouldn’t touch, we will avoid those offers completely. If at some point in the future a bank/institution or offer changes to fit this criteria we will remove it from the site.

Also, and this is a message to any institution who may think to reach out, there is no amount of money you could offer us to give a glowing review if we feel you don’t deserve one. Focus your money and energy on creating an epic product that people will have no choice but to love and the traffic and growth will work itself out.

Why we use affiliate links

We use affiliate links as a means to generate revenue without having to sacrifice the integrity of how we cover product offerings or fill up the site with dozens of ad blocks that take away from the viewing experience and overall clean site flow. In the future if this causes problems we will rethink this strategy and come up with a new means of monetization.

The way we figure it is you were gonna click and go sign up for those things anyway and we are just offering a means of you to support our site.

If you have any questions about this please reach out to us and get clarification.

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