Master Credit Union Lender List

Master Credit Union Lender List

It was only a matter of time before the original master lender list got too cluttered, so the next spin off we will be building out is a complete table of as many of the 5,400 credit unions in the United States that we can get data off of. We will also be doing a dedicated table on Elan Financial soon as well on this page considering they back so many credit unions.

Bookmark, share, enjoy! Share your datapoints with us if you have some!

If you are looking for big banks, you want to check out our Master Credit Lender List here.

NOTE: March 2023 update
Now that Silicon Valley Bank and 3 others have collapsed, the Fed has made it clear they will NOT bailout smaller banks, just the big boys so keep that in mind with your Credit Union selections- Make sure they have at least FDIC insurance if not more.

Credit CardNational RankBureau They PullCredit Score How To JoinDatapoints
Abound Credit UnionNo restrictions on who can join, SEGs
Affinity FCU86thEx(NJCFE), Connecticut Jump$tart or over 2k other clubs/associations/SEGsPulls FICO 8
More Data
AgFed Credit Union880Friends of National Arboretum- $20 one-time
Air Force Federal Credit Union-AFFCUExAirman Heritage Foundation- $25 one-time
Alabama Credit Union280Secret Meals Association- $10 one-time
Alliant Credit UnionEq
Pulls Chexsystems
Foster Care To Success- Alliant will pay
Alliant CU-Cashback Visa SignatureEq855/$10000
More info
Americas Credit Union825thHPAssociation of the United States Army- $30 per 2 years
American 1 Credit Union663rdCommunity 1 Cooperative- $3 one-time
American Heritage FCU85thHP Ex on membershipKids-n-hope foundation
Andrews Federal Credit union- AFCUEq/Tu650+American Consumer Council- $15 one-timeJoin American Consumer Council
Plat rewards & Simplicity visa are fair credit-cards
Titanium rewards is good credit
AOD FCU804thEq FICO 5 Mortgage for credit
Eq HP for membership
Pulls Chexsystems
5 or less inq on Chexsystems over last 2 yrs
HP lasts 30 days
Full Video
Ascend Federal Credit Union109thHP on membershipTennessee Nature Conservancy- $25
Baxter Credit Union (BCU)55thTu30 day Double dip HP
786/ $25000 Travel visa
786/ Autoloan @2.14%
More Info
BCU Travel Rewards Signature VisaTU Vantage 3.0766/$5k
Bellco CU43rdEx720+Bellco foundation- $10 one-time722/$10k
POI required
CO only
Fax in your documents, unorganized
Blue Federal Credit Union252ndBlue foundation- $10 dono
Boeing Employee Credit Union- BECU4thTu 720+720/$2500
More Data
Cadets Federal Credit Union3,507thBlack Rock Historical Society- $20 one-time (9 other membership joining options)
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union326thIdaho CapEd foundation- $20 one-time
Centric FCU-CFCU953rdEx530+Based in Louisiana
Chartway Federal Credit UnionPulls ChexsystemWe Promise Foundation- $10 donoUsing Elan Financial
Chevron Federal Credit Union72ndEqOver 2,000 organizationsNo HP for membership
Christian Community Credit Union480thPulls ChexsystemsChristian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)- annual fee $50 membership fee will be paid for by the Credit Union for the first year.Using Elan Financial
Clark County Credit Union387thKNPR (public radio), bank will pay initial $40 dono for 1 year
Community Credit Union- CFCU305th5 NY counties only
Community Wide Federal Credit Union556thOver 12 organizations
Connexus Credit union63rdConnexus Association- $5 one-time donoIssued By Elan Financial
Full Video
Consumers Credit Union134thEq
HP Eq on membership
Consumers Cooperative Association- $5 one-time dono
Credit HumanAmerican Consumer Council
Credit Union Of New Jersey792ndHP on membershipCUoNJ foundation- $5 one-time donoNo georestrictions
Credit Union of Texas- CUTX 181st EqMembership based on location (17 counties in TX), SEGs
Digital Credit Union- DCU21stEQ9
EQ4 credit cards
Pulls Chexsystems
640+Reach out for schools- $10Eq 647/$3500
More Info

DTI very important here
Dover Federal Credit Union619thFriends of Bombay hook- $15 annualOffers prequal for members
Dow Chemical Employees Credit Union214thDCECU members endowed scholarship fund- $10 dono
EFCU Financial466thEFCU financial foundation, Louisiana Wildlife Federation
Elevations Credit Union126thElevations foundation- $15Based in Boulder CO
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union/Liberty Federal Credit Union121stpulls Chexsystem
SP Eq for membership
Mater Dei Friends & Alumni Association $5 dono
Ask for full docs on business loan products
Changed names to Liberty in late 2022
Expedition Credit Union1,163rdUnited Educators Foundation $5 membership
Financial Resources Federal Credit Union669thAmerican Consumer Council
First Flight Federal Credit Union1,184thSeveral dono options $5-$10 one-time
First Tech Credit Union- FCU9thHP Ex for membership
pulls Chexsystem
Financial fitness association - $8 742 FICO $10k limit choice rewards (app right after joining)
750 FICO Experian, $25k limit
756 FICO Experian $30k
701 FICO $10k @ 14%
More Data
Genisys Credit Union87thArthritis Foundation, Paint creek center for the arts
GE Credit Union 1,082ndEq680/$8700
Golden 1 CU7thEx700+719, 777
More Info

Must be a resident of CA to get credit
Greater Texas Federal Credit Union - GTFCU436thEx620+Lots of eligibility options
Greenstate Credit Union18thEQ or TU700+More Data
GTE FinancialHP on membershipCU savers- arm of GTE financial- $10
Hanscom Federal Credit Union246thAir Force Association- $20
Hiway Credit Union270thAssociation of the United States Army, Minnesota Rec & Park foundation- $10 dono
Hope Federal Credit Union 690thHope Credit Union- $5 one-time dono
Hope Enterprise Coporation- $5 one-time dono
Must do both
Hughes Federal Credit UnionOne-time dono to community interest group
Ideal Credit Union429thPulls chexsystemJohn D Miller Foundation- $5 one-time donoUsing Elan Financial
Interior Federal Credit UnionPulls chexsystem
HP On EQ for membership but can re-use HP
New Mexico Wildlife Federation at no cost or be a volunteer at a National Park one time for at least three hours
Justice Federal Credit Union- JFCU432ndPulls ChexsystemNational Sheriff's Association or the National Native American Law Enforcement AssociationUsing Elan Financial
Kinecta Federal Credit UnionInnovision Society- $10 one-time Kinecta covers
La Capitol Federal Credit Union568thLouisiana Association for Personal Financial Achievement; dues are $20 per household for the first year
Lafayette Federal Credit Union269thHome Ownership Financial Literacy Council- $10 one-time
Lake Michigan Credit Union - LMCUHP Ex membership720+Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Foundation- $5 one-time donoMore info
Langley FCU69thEq FICO 9
Pulls Chexsystem
SP for membership
Anyone can join with $5 deposit in Shared savings accountFull Video
Langley FCU Signature Cash Back card69thEq748/$5k/2nd card
Latino Credit Union462ndLatino community development center- $10 one-time dono
No credit check for CD
Logix Federal Credit UnionHP Ex membershipAmerican Consumer CouncilUsing MeridianLink
Geo locked: AZ, CA, MA, MD, ME, NH, NV, or VA
Market USA Federal Credit Union1,558thMarket USA cares foundation- $5 one-time dono
Matadors Community Credit Union921stCSUN arts council- $5 one-time dono
McCoy Federal Credit Union460th676/$10000 BK 2012, $150k income
Based in Orlando
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union 44thDesk drawer fund- $10 one-time dono
Money One Federal Credit Union1,741stGifts for Easter Seals- $20 one-time dono
MTC Federal Credit Union1,097thSouth Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society- $25 annually
NASA Federal Credit Union88thEx HP on membership
Will ask you to unfreeze
735+National Space Society- $25 annually686/$15000
Has pre-approval, not very accurate
Will ask for copy of original SS card on CDs and some apps
Navy Federal Credit Union-NFCU1stTu/Ex650+Military, family Full NFCU playlist
Uses Vantage Credit Vision for CLIs
Navy Federal Credit Union-Go Biz Visa1stHP Ex FICO 8LLC 6.5 months old 760/$7500 @ 10.65%
Navy Federal Credit Union-Go Biz Mastercard1stHP Ex FICO 8LLC 1.5 years old, 752, $15k @ 10.65%
LLC 6.5 months old 760/$7500 @ 10.65%
NIH Federal Credit UnionPulls Chexsystems
Eq FICO 5 mortgage HP on Membership
American Consumer Council
Have to setup Shared savings with $5
No geo lock, no HP
join through American Consumer Council
NIH Federal Credit Union Visa Business Rewards Credit CardNo HPMin $5k CL
$25k+ limits with seasoned accounts (deposit on account opening) then groom for 6-12 months
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union290thEx for credit
Pulls Chexsystem
720+ on loans
750+ on credit cards
Northwest Federal Credit Union99thNational Wildlife Federation- $30 one-time
Nusenda Credit Union104thHP on membershipNew Mexico Wilderness Alliance ($35 membership fee)
NuVision Federal Credit Union137thPulls ChexsystemsAmerican Consumer Council
Ohio University Credit Union/OUCU Financial Credit Union738thOhio University Friends of the Libraries- $20 (8 others)
Oklahoma Central Credit Union577thaffiliation with any other credit union
Parda Federal Credit Union1,172ndHP Ex for MembershipAmerican Consumer Council
Patelco Credit UnionHP EX FICO 8720+Financial Fitness Association778/$10k @ 6%APR
More info
Pen Air Credit Union182ndSP on membershipNavy-Marine Corps Relief Society Inc- Pen Air covers it
PenFed Credit UnionEq FICO 9
Double dip HP if done online, day after 1st approval
Military, family714/$1200
712/$31000 autoloan

Max exposure of $50k
Max card limit $25k
PenFed Platinum Rewards Eq FICO 9696/$6000
729/$12500 pulled FICO 9
PenFed Power Cash RewardsEq FICO 9700/$10000
654/$2500 BK 2017
831/$25k/ online app/no poi
PenFed Travel RewardsEq FICO 9712/$5000
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union- PSECU34thEx FICO 8
HP for membership (good for 30 days)
Lowest was 645
Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society- $20 one-time PSECU covers half780/$30000/ App'd with no membership, took couple days
Membership based
Give you offers right away
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union1,767thAmerican Consumer Council
Premier Members Credit Union273rdImpact on Education - $50 minimum
Puerto Rico Federal Credit Union1,274thMuseo de Arte de Ponce en Puerto Rico- $25
RTN Federal Credit Union418thDanvers Historical Society- $40
Salal Credit Union347thSalal Foundation
Peoples memorial asociation
San Diego County Credit UnionFinancial Fitness Association
SCE Federal Credit Union425thCenter for Financial Empowerment- $10 one-time dono
Security Services Federal Credit Union- SSFCUTu
Pulls Chexsystems
650+Geolocation basedUses TU Credit Vision Scoring Model
Asks for POI
Self Help Credit Union 218thCenter for Community Self-Help- $5 one-time
Signature Federal Credit Union840thEqAmerican Consumer CouncilBased in Virginia
Spectra Credit Union651st ExJoin American Consumer Council
Issued By Elan Financial
Full Video
Spectra Credit Union Business CardTu775/$20k
Spectrum Credit UnionPull ChexsystemsFinancial Fitness Association
Spire Credit Union215thHP Eq on membershipInSPIREation Foundation
Stanford Federal Credit Union106thMuseum of American Heritage
State Department Federal Credit Union149thAmerican Consumer Council
State Employees Credit Union - SECU 407thEq FICO 5
Pulls Chex Systems
SECU foundationNo geo restrictions
30 day HP, multi-dip
Pre-approvals good for 60 days
State Employees Credit Union - SECU Business Credit Cards407th680+ personal2 years biz financials
Registered in Maryland
Get checking account first
Sun East Federal Credit Union482ndPull Chexsystems
HP for membership
Sun East Charitable Foundation- $10 one-time
SunWest Credit Union657thSunWest foundation- $5 one-time dono
Taleris Credit Union2,150thPublic Animal Welfare Society $5- one-time
Seven Hills Historical Society- $5 one-time
Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union824thPrime time club- $5 one-time
Teachers Federal Credit Union25thopen membership
Technology Credit Union83rdFinancial Fitness Association
Thrivent Federal Credit Union485thAmerican Consumer Council
TruWest Credit Union299thHP EX membershipAmerican Lung Association- $15 one-time donoUsing Elan Financial
Unify FCU102ndHP Ex each app
SP credit on membership
Pulls Chexsystems
Surfrider Foundation of the Friends of HobbsOffers Prequal NowMore Data
United States Senate Federal Credit Union353rdUS Capitol Historical Society- $65
American Consumer Council
University of Michigan Credit Union-UMCU330thTu718/$20k
Utah First Federal Credit Union484th Community Volunteers of Utah- $5 dono annual
Vision Financial Federal Credit Union2,321stNorth Carolina Consumers Council- $20
Wheelhouse Credit Union786thHP on membershipSan Diego County Zoological Society
San Diego Automotive Museum
Wings Financial Credit UnionWings Financial Foundation
Workers Credit Union158thFinancial Fitness Association
Wright-Patt Credit Union- WPCUTu685/$5k
OH residents only
Xcel Federal Credit Union1,313thAmerican Consumer CouncilMust fund $5 savings
Zeal Credit Union507thCSI Support and Development Services- $2 one-time

Alliant Credit Union Cashbank Signature Card- This card has horrible reviews, not paying 3% rewards, asking for 2 yrs tax returns, proof of all investment accounts, and lots of additional data.

Baxter Healthcare- BCU

  • You get “recommendations” from the start, you can double dip on hardpulls for 30 days to get PLOC or PLs. When the loan officer calls you to finalize everything, you can negotiate your CL and apply for other products on the same hard pull.


  • We have limited data on the site still on NFCU because we were hit with a Trademark Infringement takedown notice in July 2022 and complying with that.

Golden One

Lake Michigan Credit Union

  • MI or FL only
  • 7.75% APR ongoing
  • 0 Annual Fee
  • 1% foreign transaction fee
  • Credit line up to $25,000
  • Free car rental insurance
  • Seem to be conservative bank
  • No geo restrictions on the 3% back on $15k deposits

Patelco Credit Union

Have to be a member, here is full membership list here, they pull FICO 8 Experian

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