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Business Credit Card Intel

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This is the start of the business credit intel section of the website, which is long overdue and honestly we have been sitting on a lot of this data for far too long. For now we will have all this on one page but will grow beyond that as we need to.

Building credit under a business vs your personal SSN is wildly misunderstood and overly complicated. The biggest difference is you are trading under a business name with an EIN (Employer Identification Number) also called a Federal Tax ID vs a SSN. This also means there is a separate list of credit reporting agencies (CRAs) for your business credit profile vs personal. If you want to better understand all the business credit bureaus and reporting agencies, start here.

If you are looking to form a new entity, the best deal I have found is Northwest, starts at just $39 here.

The easiest way to build business credit is to sign off on it, or be a personal guarantor, meaning you guarantee the loan/credit. You can start building credit that way immediately as long as you have a 640+ personal credit score.

We have an entire playlist covering building your business credit

If you have some datapoints/credit intel you would like to contribute, reach out to us!

Bank IssuerReports to Personal Credit BureausReports to Business Credit Bureaus
American ExpressNegative info onlyYes
Bank of AmericaNoYes
Capital OneDepends on cardYes
ChaseNegative info onlyYes
DiscoverAll activityYes
US BankNegative info onlyYes
Wells FargoNoYes
Popular BankYesNo

And then intel on where business credit cards are pulling and where they are reporting. This seems to be the widely up for debate because there is so much conflicting data out there.

InstitutionWhat Bureau They PullBureaus They Report ToNotes
Affinity FCU Ex F8Double dip on HPs for 30 days
American ExpressExperian Biz, SBFESBFEUsers report it doesn't get picked up to big 3
Amex Amazon Business Credit CardEx680+ on personal
824/ $5500 EX GA
704 NO EX CA
738/ $3000 EX IL
744/$25,000 EX FL
612 NO EX NY
Bank of AmericaSBFE
Bankers Healthcare Group- BHGSP, PGNonebacked by Blue Ridge Bank now- relationship helps
BHG MORE Business MastercardSP, PG$8k 720s
Brex Credit CardNo HP, No PGBased on business banking history
Minimum of $100k in biz bank account, if accredited investor is behind you only needs $50k in business bank account
Capital OneAll 3 personalD&B, Experian, SBFE
Capital On TapSP Experian personal and bizExperian, SBFEBased on business banking history
Less than 1 year old, $30k revenue
Issued by Webbank
Need bank statements, EIN
ChaseD&B, Equifax, Experian, SBFE
CitibankD&B, Equifax, Experian, SBFE
CitizensSP Equifax BizEquifax, Paynetstay away from Real estate or Healthcare NAICS
Citizens Bank- Everyday Points Business MastercardPersonal 780 FICO 8
80 paydex, 451 EQ biz
$35k (LLC in FL)
CorpayEx$10k + monthly rev
Credit Strong-Credit Builder AccountNo HPEquifax, PaynetEIN required, been in business 3 months or more
Not avail in FL
Reports as $10k Tradeline
DiscoverD&B, Equifax, Experian
DivvyNo HP, No PGD&B and SBFEGets syndicated out to Experian and Equifax
Underwrites you off Imex analyzing your business history, limited history will NOT be approved
GM Business CardSP personal Eq Fico 9SBFE, Experian BusinessHearing issues of cards getting locked down on any old purchase
Doesn't report to personal
$5k @ 21.49%
$17.5k 800s
Paypal Business MastercardEx personalIssued by Webbank
PNC Business VisaHP EX FICO 8Equifax 680+ personal
Popular BankTU personalPersonal Bureaus
Ramp Capital No HPIssued by Sutton Bank and Celtic Bank
Minimum of $250k in biz bank account
Rural King Harvest BusinessEx³Business must be located within a 50-mile radius of a Rural King store to be eligible for a Business Loan or Harvest Visa Business credit card
Sams Club MastercardNo HP, No PG
Experian Intelliscore
Have to go into store to apply
Low risk rating and Experian intelliscore 76+
Issued by Synchrony
Tillfull Secured Credit CardNo HP, No PGExperian, Equifax, D&B$500 Min
Full Video
No annual fee
No affect on personal credit
Tilfull Credit BuilderNo HP, No PGExperian, Equifax, D&BMonthly payment of $20-$50, you chose
No annual fee
No affect on personal credit
TorpagoNo HP, No PGBased on business banking history, looking for established businesses
TruistExperian & EquifaxNo docs under $50k
US BankEquifax, D&B, SBFE
US Bank World Elite Business CarddTU FICO 8Equifax, D&B, SBFEGood-great personal credit
Up to $50k CLs
US bank Platinum BusinessTU FICO 8Equifax, D&B, SBFEGood-great personal credit
Wells FargoExperian, SBFEno docs under $50k
Wells Fargo Business Platinum800/$5,000 was SP to TU

*CAPITAL ONE: Worth noting that with Capital one a few things have changed..

If you opened a Capital One Spark Cash Plus for business card on or after October 20, 2020, Capital One will NOT report all activity to personal credit bureaus- just negative activity. All other Capital One Spark for Business cards report ALL activity to your personal credit.

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