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Work with our team One-on-One to help you get up to $150k in credit funding! This is a service for a very specific credit profile. We don’t charge up front for this, we charge based on credit funding we get. 

We can only work with a certain type of credit profile to ensure highest level of success. Here are some basic boxes to tick before even moving into the application.

  • Must be over a 720 FICO for at least 4 months on all 3 credit bureaus
  • No derogatories on personal credit
  • Can’t have more than $200k personal credit already
  • Can’t have more than $200k business credit already
  • Stated income of at least $40,000
  • Utilization & DTI below 20% (<10% is ideal)


Understand if selected we will charge up to 10% fee on the backend for credit funding we help you secure. 

*PLEASE: Only submit this form if you meet the above criteria!

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