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Here’s the deal, for almost 3 years now Wallet Monkey went out into the market and tried to be something its not. We aren’t Bankrate, or Nerdwallet or any of these super professional fancy blogs that have 30 writers working for them (we are a team of 2).

We thought that by providing unique data that no one else was offering on the web that people would just flock to our site, that never happened so we have made changes.


Our Mission:

Its simple, raise the education level in America around credit cards, business funding and starting a business- we do that through providing unique datasets designed to help you make better decisions on your app sprees.

Wallet Monkey is a data aggregator and an education platform, nothing more. We have gone through some changes if this is your first time here or you haven’t been back in awhile.

First off we ask everyone to create a free account before accessing the rest of the content on the site. Next we have simplified the layout of the pages and flow of the site to be much more minimal, so you can focus on the data without noise.

If you are a returning visitor from before, don’t worry mostly everything is still up and freely available after you register!

If you found us via our Youtube channel or Google Search results, then let me take a second and share some of the best pages you probably came here for.

Master Credit Card Lender List

We first started this list in 2019, little did we know it would quickly be shared around by so many finance youtubers as their own. Since then we have obviously updated and added a lot to this list, you can find that here.

Bank Pre-qualification List

The infamous, prequal list, with over 80 credit cards and banks for you to choose from to see your odds of getting the cards you want.

Master Credit Union Lender List

A list of over 180 Credit Unions, the bureau they pull and road to membership, along with any data intel we have on that bank.

There are dozens of other Guides and Pages for you to look through.

It gets even better though, we are almost 3 years in and just getting started as we are sitting on almost 20 years of credit data and plan on rolling out access to that later this year, this is unique data no one else has.

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We have created a private group for Wallet Monkey’s to join, mingle and help crush it with their credit funding. Our community has gotten millions in funding, with our single largest success story being over $250k in funding for one person since joining the community.

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