Get That Jewelry, Ligos Jewelry & Memelli Tradelines

Ever since so many online shopping sites that offer tradelines like My Jewelers Club and New Coast Direct stopped accepting new customers, there has been a huge demand for something similar as many people still want to use tradeline accounts like these to build their credit. I want to cover the 3 I keep hearing and also talk about how they are in fact the same company, not sure if this is insanely obvious to everyone or just me but lets do a full review on Get That Jewelry, which used to be Ligos Jewelry (even though this site which claims to have partnered/helped launch both, claim Ligos is the take over to GTJ even though doesn’t go anywhere and does) and their latest spin off Memelli which offers “luxury jewelry” also. For the record I have no idea if this is in fact luxury products or not.

I heard about Memelli first and one of the first things I personally do is look for FAQ and look through the credit terms to find anything predatory. Its in their terms I saw the mentions of and then noticed that the address is also the same for both (minus a suite) and the amount of credit they provide and general website layouts are cookie cutter of each other. This isn’t some sort of investigative report here, but its important to know if creditors are the same, which is why we bring that up often when many others don’t.

A snapshot of the terms on Memelli

Snapshot of the addresses in the footer.

Memelli says that “We approve just about anyone for our $12,500 credit line.” and Get That Jewelry says that “We approve just about anyone for our $15,000 credit line.”

Get That Jewelry Vs Memelli Offers

Lets compare the two offers as they are very similar.

MemelliGet That Jewelry
ProductsWatches, handbagsDiamonds (necklace, rings, ear rings)
Signup fee00
Monthly fee$19.99$19.99
Min 1st purchase$300$300
termsMust pay 50% down
so min spend is $150
up front, balance over
10 payments
Must pay 50% down
so min spend is $150
up front, balance over
10 payments
Report to bureaus?Reports to 2 of them,
doesn’t list which 2
Reports to 2 of them,
doesn’t list which 2
In their FAQ they mention that they may pull your credit (hard inquiry) if they have trouble with identity verification.

Here are their terms, copied from their credit terms page.

The term of this agreement shall be for twelve (12) month periods. Upon expiration of the twelve (12) month period, This agreement will automatically renew for successive twelve (12) month periods unless a party provides the other parties with written notice of cancelation. One Time initial membership fee may be canceled within three (3) business days from application date. If client has not canceled within three (3) business days of signing contract, the initial deposit fee of 50% will become non-refundable. In order to cancel, Client must submit written cancelation request to Monthly servicing fee of $19.99 can be canceled anytime by submitting cancellation request to or calling  +(855) 539-3572. By cancelling your monthly servicing fee, you will no longer have access to your credit line. Upon cancellation, any outstanding fees or balances will become due immediately.

Both of these offers are very similar but they are also very similar to My Jewelers Club, instead of paying a yearly fee, you pay that monthly, keep in mind if you do cancel the $19.99 monthly fee payments then it will close the tradeline and you will have to clear up any outstanding balance.

Overall with where we are at in the market right now even with all these credit builders and Fintech’s that these are still good options for a high tradeline with low risk of a hard credit pull if you are rebuilding your credit or have no credit.

Video Breakdown of Memelli & Get That Jewelry

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