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Finally Launch Your Personal Brand & Build Out Your First Digital Training Course!

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I will be in the US this July-Sept and I thought up a special offer that is based around a common question I am getting these last few months on creating personal brands and digital training courses. 

So naturally I created a special offer for 5-7 people, depending on interest and how many I can fit in!

I will help you launch your personal brand and build out your very first digital training course! So a complete Done With You Service!

Please read the whole message here to fully understand the offer and the tangibles.

Personal Brand

I will help you create the following for your Personal Brand:

  • Basic Entity- direct you where to go and help you setup
  • Website- 1 pager website- your story, history and connect/contact all on one page
    • Copy for all story, resume, reach out pieces of the website
  • Headshots- Any photos needed for website I will capture, or you can line up your own photographer, I am good NOT great so expect good shots that are passable for a V1 of end product, probably not good enough to lock in high end clients or $100k+ deals.
  • Trademarks- connect you with my personal trademark attorney, help you pick out trademark and category.
  • Marketing- I will help you map out at least 1 paid marketing avenue and map out full funnel and 1 gorilla marketing tactic and map out flow of it.
  • Mental Frameworks -Based around building in new ‘doing habits’ and starting. This will mostly be done in the lead up to this getting done so we work faster.
  • Business funding- You will get immediate access to our full digital training library on getting business funding.

Digital Training Course

What you get for your Digital Training Course:

  • I will help you map out the entire course, name it, organize it and shape it as an irresistible offer- this will be a complete course, not a free optin or ebook offer but a full video training course.
  • I will create any logos/branding necessary for the product launch
  • We will meetup at shoot location (coworking space, office, Regus, Hyatt meeting room etc) and shoot full training course A-Z in one sitting (max 10hrs of training/course material shot) with professional equipment
    • Feel free to bring your own videographer/assistant to grab photos/video of behind the scenes as we are shooting/working (a lot of times those more raw photos are better)
    • Max we will spend together is 2 days to get all video/content we need
    • We will edit all training videos and get it ready and packaged for course
  • We will shoot any b-roll or extras we deem necessary
  • We will get headshots, 3/4 shots and others for your product launch page- Understand I am NOT a professional photographer but I am good, so the shots will be good NOT great, you are more than welcome to line up a shoot day with another photographer
  • I will write the sales copy for the entire funnel (should be either 1 core product, or 1 core product and 1 upsell/One-time-offer)
  • I will help you setup the funnel, link up to payment processing and membership delivery for seamless delivery after customers pay
  • I will give ideas on traffic both paid/free but will not do any marketing outside of dropping it in the community for you and if there is a case study to cover down the road, we can do that as well.
  • When we are done you will have a fully setup training course that is ready to be sold
    • Please note, I am not saying after the 2 days this will all be done as we have to edit the videos, write the copy etc- saying by the end of the whole process, this is what you will end up with.

Who This Offer Is For

  • You must have a core competency, skills or career that we can tap into to create the digital program around. We need to demonstrate experience, results, money earned etc
  • I want someone who is ready to do this now! HUNGRY!
  • I want someone who wants to roll up their sleeves and learn this process along side me, remember this is a done with you, not a done for you. We will work in zoom style screen sharing sessions through the whole process
  • We should be able to get this done in 6 months or less, again that is me being generous incase things happen, it should be way faster than that.
  • Must have capital to deploy for software, hosting, domains, trademarks, marketing, etc as I will not cover those costs.
  • Realize there is a lot of prep work to get ready between now and shoot day, be mindful and ready for that.

Details & Itinerary

In terms of location, here are the locations I will be at while I am in the US: Colorado, Tennessee, Florida (northern Florida). You will have to travel to one of those states if you live out of state, I will not cover that cost.

The max we can spend on shooting content is 2 days (roughly 48hrs) which should be plenty of time, we will do tons of prep to make sure the whole course is outlined and we have our rough Itinerary (I am good at this don’t worry).

The Total for this Done With You Service: $15,000 USD One-time

You don’t have to make full payment now, just secure your position with a fully refundable $2,000 deposit. After that we will jump on a call and make sure we are a good fit, if so we move forward, if not we offer you full refund of your initial deposit no worries.

In case the value isn’t clear, allow me to put this into a bit of perspective…

A past client of mine MountainCryptoAdvisers.com (MCA) spent $150k on 1 shoot day to get a 3 min promo video- this was a full professional team that came in, rented houses and actors but keep in mind to do things like this it can cost hundreds of thousands. That is how ridiculous it can get for promo videos/sales videos/programs.

Speaking of which, I charged them over $30k to do way less then what I am offering you above, this is just for my Wallet Monkey Family only! I figured it would be a great way to get to know more of you, while we create something epic together that will lead to a great stream of revenue as it matures for you!

It has taken me the better half of a decade to learn these skills and then be able to consistently execute on them to get a desired result, its your chance to take a serious quantum leap on learning these things and looking over my shoulder as we build this out for you.

I just want to state this now, I created this offer to help you setup a profit lever and for me to make a bit of money while I am on my trip out there because this is what I do, I create offers/brands/content/training etc. That’s it!

I would love to do this for free but there are a million reasons why that just doesn’t work. I have been in digital marketing for over 10 years, I have tried the free route many times- people take advantage, don’t commit because when you pay you pay attention, flake out on commitments and overall just end up being a bigger pain in the ass then if someone paid. 

For the right person, this will be a steal! 


How will the payments work?

You secure your spot with a deposit, then we jump on a call and make sure we are a good fit, if so we work out the remaining payments into one single payment or multiple payments leading up to our recording date.

What is your refund policy?

If we decide on that first call that we aren’t a good fit, then we will promptly refund your deposit no questions asked. 

If we leave that first call with a mutual commitment to move forward with the offer, then there is no refund offered from that point on.

Does my access ever expire?

No, all video training we will record if you like and you can get copies of the training, all business credit funding training you get access to is lifetime access as well. 

What can I expect to make off a digital training program?

This will entirely depend on your effort you put into marketing it and building a community around the ideas/concepts. The more effort you put forth the more money you will likely make in the long run. We can’t possibly put revenue expectations on something like this. 

Still have questions? Email me direct at mail@walletmonkey.io

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