US Unemployment Hits 16.8 Million People As Corona Drags On!

More and more job numbers are being released everyday now and we are starting to get a more clear picture of the damage having half the planet on shutdown and so far its been 1 in 10 of the American workforce has been laid off in just the last three weeks!

The numbers are expected to get much worse and top off around 25 million people total.

Here is a look at these numbers on a state-by-state level.

The numbers we are seeing are unprecedented and unlike anything that has ever been recorded in history.

Google trends is actually a good indicator here as there is a 12-year correlation between search data and job claims as reported by BOA Research.

Early next week the SBA announced they will be releasing an app for individuals who have filed their 2018 and 2019 tax returns but did NOT put in their banking information for direct deposit so you can get your relief aid money much faster than the previous estimated September timeline. Keep an eye on the SBA website for more.

UPDATE 04/23/20: Now 26.5 million jobs have been lost, that’s over 20% unemployment!

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