Apple Credit Card

This is a credit card offered by Apple, that is backed or managed by Goldman Sachs- meaning its Goldman who offers the card and underwrites the apple credit card.

Apple Credit Card Datapoints:

  • They softpull till point of you accepting the prequalified amount
  • They pull TU, if you lockdown your TU after you get prequal offer, you will still get approved with no HP
  • They offer credit to subprime on up to prime
  • They pull Chexsystems and Core logic, if you have those frozen they will deny you
  • If you are denied there is a “path to apple card” program/thing that they will email you with usually right after your denial if they think you can get approved later. This isn’t something you can go request or do on your own, they invite you to it
  • Nothing needed to prequal and get approved
  • No documentation required, they work off stated income
  • They are similar to Discover, they want to see you use the card and pay it down
  • Allows 1 card, not sure on max exposure per customer
  • A lot of talk of micro transactions like $1,$2 for 20-30 transactions, let the balance post then pay it off like every $20-$50 to get faster CLIs (monthly)
    • One credit whale stated he put $10k in spend on the apple/GM card and kept getting turned down on CLIs, so this speaks to maybe AI bots doing bad job when mixed with underwriters.

Most recent video covering Apple Credit Card

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